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Ben in front of the base camp in the mountains
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Benjamin Robert Kielesinski

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Hi, my name is Ben. I love nature and really enjoy being creative. Whenever possible, I try to combine both passions. From a young age, I was taught to respect nature. Everything you give to nature, you will get back tenfold. I try to be kind to others whilst avoiding boredom at all costs.

Ben in an ice cave
Ben in the mountains sitting on a tree stump
Ben in the snow in the mountains

About me

What kind of adventurer are you?
My curiosity makes me try out new adventures. I'm curious to find out what's on top of a mountain peak, and how am I going to get there. What's deep in the forest, what plants am I going to find? What’s deep in the ocean and what creature am I going to see there? Learning the skills and the tools that I need to satisfy these curiosities safely and competently. This results in even more curiosity and teaching myself skills in order to progress even further. I am very passionate about these things and I try to satisfy my curiosities as best as I can. I never ignore them and respect the fact that curiosity is a good thing. It can take you very far and it can teach you a lot. It can humble you in so many different ways. In fact, being curious about the pursuit of curiosities makes me an adventurer.
What do you expect from the trip?
I don't know. I know I'm going to be in a foreign country with a bunch of strangers, driving around, doing I don't know what. But I enjoy not knowing how the day unfolds. I like not putting expectations on what a trip is supposed to feel like or what I'm supposed to feel in those moments. This is the whole point of an adventure. I think having the right logistics and gear is very important, so you can do things safely. Further, not putting any expectations on adventure and just letting it happen and perceiving that and reacting to the moment is very important. So I'm excited to not have many expectations and simply to be chucked in at the deep end to a degree.
What are you looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to group dynamics that we're going to have by the end of our trip. Because we're going to be thrown into a lot of situations that we weren't expecting. How we react and how we deal with each other's risks is going to say a lot about this trip as a whole. So I'm excited to see how we come out of this in the end. But I'm also looking forward to the culture. I've never experienced Morocco and I think the people and the food and simple things are going to be very exciting. What skills will we acquire and how they impact on my life and change the adventures that I experience. I'm looking forward to that!
What do you have respect for?
I think the easy answer is in nature. I have a great respect for nature. I think that it comes from a young age of growing up outdoors. Realizing what you sow is usually what you reap. I just appreciate all the experiences that nature has given me. I think kindness is very similar to the way you treat nature. If you sow kindness without any expectations, you'll tend to receive it in greater numbers than you sent out. Being kind is the answer.
How will you cope with difficult situations?
I think I know how to cope in difficult situations. I think I coped pretty well with difficult situations. Using a skill that I have, in order to solve a problem that is directly in front of you, or putting myself below other people to bring them back up. Help raise general morale because that's going to make everybody's life better. If somebody is having a bad time, it can affect everybody with their energy so much. It could be something simple like being homesick or being physically sick. Being able to show those people that they are supported and cared about is very important. I'm excited about facing difficult situations and how we cope with them as a team. Life isn't always very easy, and things happen unexpectedly. That is life!
What role will you play in the #GOBACKPACK team?
I will probably find myself falling into the problem-solving role and I try to do my best to make sure everybody is having a good time.