Nature DisCounts

Conservation over consumerism – Instead of giving special discounts and promoting excessive shopping during the Black Friday weekend this year, Jack Wolfskin launched the Nature DisCounts campaign. Jack donated 100,000 Euros of its proceeds generated during the campaign period (November 26th through 29th, 2021) to a forest conservation project initiated by Peter Wohlleben’s Forest Academy. The goal is to protect 25,000 m² of European beech forest for 50 years.

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Wohlleben’s Forest Academy is an organization entirely dedicated to trees: learning more about their fascinating ecosystem, passing on that knowledge, and protecting it. The academy offers advanced training for all age groups and varied outdoor adventures. Peter Wohlleben has written many books about the forest, including the international bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees. In the book, he claims that trees have personalities and even communicate, triggering a heated discussion worldwide.

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Europe’s forests represent a unique ecosystem that can play a crucial role in slowing down climate change. Ancient beech forests are the virgin forests of Europe, and the ones that still exist are sadly in very poor condition. In Romania, for example, around 100,000 hectares (more than 240 000 acres) of virgin forest have been logged in the past 15 years – more than half of the deforestation was illegal, according to the National Forest Inventory. However, logging and forest can also be a motivation for targeted and conscious action. Jack Wolfskin and the Forest Academy developed a campaign that ran during the Black Friday weekend to protect the forest. But how can we help the forest? According to Peter Wohlleben, the best way is to simply leave it untouched. Then why do most people feel the urge to plant trees?

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“I think it’s because humans are creatures of action,” is Peter Wohlleben’s theory. ”We want to accomplish things and be proud. We’re not good at letting things just be. We’d rather be active. Just look at modern politics: everyone wants to save the forest by doing something. People often ask: can’t they just plant trees with me? But that’s not the solution, at least not in Germany. If you want to have a forest, simply give an area some protection and provide it with space and time to work on its own. But people don’t like that because it doesn’t produce a good story or emotional pictures. If you come back to the same area in 20 years, maybe compare it with Google Earth, then you’ll see and can document real changes – but not right away. However, most people expect to see the results fast when they’re doing some good, ideally in less than three weeks. Sadly, that’s not how nature works.”

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Jack Wolfskin took this insight to heart and committed to protecting the forest by making sure it remains untouched. During the Nature DisCounts campaign that ran from November 26th to the 29th, 100,000 Euros of proceeds generated through Jack Wolfskin sales will go towards the Wohlleben Forest Academy’s conservation project. 25,000 m² of ancient beech forests in Central Europe will be preserved through a lease for the next 50 years. In addition, the campaign aims to draw attention to Europe’s trees’ condition and their central role in climate protection. 

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“Jack Wolfskin is focused on promoting sustainable consumption and discovery in nature during ‘Black Week’ and is raising awareness around the protection of forests,” said Jack Wolfskin CEO Richard Collier. “As an outdoor supplier, nature preservation is a core value. With that in mind, this year we’re encouraging responsible and conscious consumption instead of discounts.”

Find out more about Nature DisCounts and Wohlleben’s forest conservation here.