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Join us on an exclusive hiking tour through breathtaking forests and explore with us Europe’s largest nature reserve in the Romanian Carpathians.

A unique travel experience – far from the conventional routes and destinations!

Highlights & Facts on the Hiking Adventure

We will journey together for 6 days and 5 nights along the Wolftrail.

We start our trip in Plaiul Foii in Transylvania and end in Corba.

We will be lodged in huts, guesthouses, and tents. Everything is already organized and included in the tour package.

Every day we will be hiking between approx. 2 and 5 ½ hours for a maximum of 12 km and an altitude of 800 m.

For all those who do not understand German, we also offer our Wolftrail tour in English.

A professional guide will lead small groups of up to 6 people on the journey.

  • Transfer
  • First hike to Poiana Tamas
  • Hike to Comisu
  • Hike to the top of Lutele mountain and to theBunea cabin
  • Crossing Lake Pecineagu

Sounds adventurous?

Look into the details and book your trip.

The Carpathian mountains in Romania

One of the largest and most unknown natural regions in Europe.

This mountainous region has the largest remaining primeval forests in Europe and is considered to be the green lung of the continent.

On the trail of wildlife: This region is home to a number of wild animals, such as bears, lynx, wolves, deer, and bison.

The Guardian has included Romania in its “Alternative Hotlist” of travel destinations for 2020.

We seek to protect and maintain this breathtaking natural landscape!

Together with our long-standing partners, the Foundation Conservation Carpathia and ASI Reisen, we have developed our own long-distance hiking trail, which conforms to the highest standards of sustainability. Ten percent of the price of the hiking journey goes directly to the Carpathia Foundation and these funds are used for sustainable conservation measures.

“You don’t have to fly to southern Africa to go on safari. Romania is one of the best places in Europe to see large mammals in the wild.”

The Guardian


wolves live in the wildlife reserve in Romania.

382 km²

of pristine space for wildlife and nature.


hikers per year can experience this exclusive tour.

Have you ever roamed the wilderness?

The Wolftrail: A unique experience in the wilderness

Well-equipped for the trail

Together with the professional mountain guides from ASI Reisen, we have developed the INFINITE HIKE Collection: Lightweight gear with high-tech features and detailed sophisticated solutions – perfect for tours lasting several days.


129.95 €


169.95 €


199.95 €


109.95 €

Any questions?

  • Where will I be overnighting?

    In guest houses, mountain huts, on farms and yurts in the Carpathian Mountains

  • How many people can take part in the trip? Total number on each trip in each season?

    6 people (excl. guide) on each trip. Depending on demand, there will be 15-20 trips per season.

  • Who is organising the trips? Where can I book this trip?

    The official organiser is Jack Wolfskin’s long-term partner ASI Reisen (ASI), Innsbruck, Austria. The actual trips will be accompanied by local guides from FCC (Foundation Conservation Carpathia) who, in turn, have been trained by ASI. The Wolftrail trip can be booked through Jack Wolfskin, ASI Reisen or one of ASI Reisen’s sales partners.

  • What is so special about this trip?

    JACK WOLFSKIN’s very first and exclusive hike through virgin forests in the depths of Romania, in one of the largest and pristine areas of nature in Europe. Being so remote, this region offers wilderness and an animal world no longer found in the popular European hiking regions, such as the European Alps.

  • Can I book the trip without the local guide, i.e. do the trail independently?

    Accommodation on the Wolftrail is only accessible with the accompanying local guide. Nevertheless, there are a number of managed huts in the Făgăraș Mountains. We would recommend a local guide due to the nature of the surroundings.

  • Is this a purely JACK WOLFSKIN trail?

    It is a project that was initiated by Jack Wolfskin and organised jointly along with ASI Reisen and Carpathia. Jack Wolfskin is the initiator of the Wolftrail; ASI, Alpinschule Innsbruck, is the official tour operator; Carpathia is the local partner and on-site organiser; The trail takes place within the region of the Carpathia Foundation.

  • How did the idea come about?

    Over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in the urge to experience the outdoors, discover new things and get to know foreign cultures, coupled with travel concepts tailored more to the individual. That is why we wish to inspire people to go out into nature and explore, gain new experiences and then, ideally, share these with friends and loved ones back home. This was the essence of our idea to create our own and exclusive Jack Wolfskin Trail, away from the beaten tracks of the classic travel routes and destinations. This trail stands for the core brand values of Jack Wolfskin, and we wish to establish this nature and brand experience on a sustainable footing. Thanks to our long-term partners Christoph and Barbara Promberger, along with their Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC), we hit upon the idea of setting up the trail in the Carpathian Mountains, or to be more precise, in the region of Transylvania on the boundary of the Romanian Piatra Craiului National Park.

  • What exactly has Christoph Promberger already achieved in this region, what is the goal?

    Foundation Conservation Carpathia (FCC) was set up in 2009 and is now, with a staff of 90, the largest nature conservation organisation in Romania. The roots of the FCC go back to the Carpathian Large Carnivore Project, one of the biggest research and conservation projects for predators in Europe, which was initiated by the wildlife biologists Barbara and Christoph Promberger, and has been supported by Jack Wolfskin since the very outset in 1993.

“To be able to capture unique moments of nature that can only be experienced in one perfect instant – that’s what makes my job the best in the world!”