On the Wolftrail With Guerel Sahin

The photographer Guerel Sahin loves travel and adventure. His fascinating landscape photographs reflect this passion. As a longtime member of the Jack Wolfskin Family, he was one of the first to hike the Scottish Wolftrail and document his first trip to the Highlands with breathtaking pictures. In the following interview, he told us what he particularly liked about his experience and whether Scottish cuisine is now one of his favorites.

woman with red Jack Wolskin Jacket and black backpack

How was your trip?

The aim of the trip was to get to know the Scottish Highlands on a hike lasting several days through diverse landscapes. We began the trail down in the valley, climbed mountains and hills, and arrived at our destination over the Highlands. The physical exertion of hiking, as well as the magnificent views, boost my creativity. This is precisely what I need as a creative individual.

Wolftrail photographed by Gürel Sahin with group of friends

Who took part?

Our hiking group consisted of Jack Anstey, Sarah Rodgers, Tom Belz, Rachel Bowler, and me. It was a really cool group, and we had a blast together. Ben, our mountain guide, was simply fantastic and knew his way about perfectly. I took part as a Jack Wolfskin brand ambassador and was responsible for the photos along the Wolftrail. The other influencers and outdoor enthusiasts produced content for their channels to show how everyone experiences hiking in their own unique way.

small herd of sheep going up a hill

What were your personal highlights?

This was a totally new experience for me, as I had been hiking mainly in the Alps until now. The weather in Scotland is simply exhilarating – the sun, rain, wind, and clouds. This variety is a dream. And the various animals and awesome colors you encounter are just spectacular. Every day we hiked along a different leg of the trail, and every section was totally unique. Sometimes we discovered vast meadows and other times stony mountains. Sometimes it went up, and other times it was rather flat. It was awe-inspiring.

three people with JW equipment hiking on the wolftrail

Would you recommend the Scottish Wolftrail to other hiking enthusiasts?

Absolutely! It was my first time in Scotland, and it is a place I always wanted to visit. It is gorgeous, and we had the opportunity to meet some fabulous people and get to know the culture. It was a great experience. I even began to appreciate the bad weather as well. But I don’t think I would like to live there, as I would probably get depressed in the long run. But the green meadows, the lakes, and the old Scottish castles are enticingly idyllic picture motifs. The wide panoramas are simply incredible.

hiker with one leg overlooking a Scottish lake

Where did you spend the nights?

We were allowed to stay in very cozy tiny Scottish guest houses. The owners are real Scots with whom you could enjoy a cold beer in the evening. I like this rough, rustic atmosphere.

mountain lake and view og a hill

And how did you find typical Scottish cuisine?

It’s good that you’ve asked, as that was our running gag. I actually managed only to eat burgers the whole time and therefore, unfortunately, had no first-hand experience with traditional Scottish food. A typical example is haggis, made from a sheep’s stomach stuffed with sheep’s heart, liver, lungs, and kidney fat mixed with onions and oat flour. That’s a little too exotic for me.

three hikers descending towards the valley wearing Jack Wolfskin

Do you have any lasting memories of the trip?

There were many breathtaking moments, but also the memory that I broke a camera during the hike. I always take along two cameras, but regrettably, one of them didn’t survive the rain. They are supposed to be protected against water spray, but the camera just couldn’t withstand Scottish storms. Luckily, this only happened on the second-to-last day, and I managed to repair it once I got home. So there was no need to shed any tears.

forest catupred on the Wolftrail by photographer Gürel Sahin

Info on the Scottish Wolftrail

The 6-day trekking tour organized by Jack Wolfskin and ASI Reisen starts in Inverness and winds through the varied landscape of the northwest of Scotland to the coastal town of Ullapool. It offers a unique chance to experience untouched nature in some of Scotland’s more remote and wild regions. The route runs through the northern Highlands, including the territory of the Alladale Wilderness Reserve, which actively promotes the protection of wolves and forests. You can book the trekking tour through ASI Reisen.