Our latest adventures


The Weitsicht festival

Himalaya journalist, Dieter Glogowski, is to host the Weitsicht Festival in Darmstadt from November 13th – 15th, 2015. … continue reading


On the shores of Ullswater – memories of a generation close to nature

A young couple, a fully laden horse-drawn cart and, in the distance, a little cottage on the shore of a lake. Slowly … continue reading


Kayaking through unknown territory in the Balkans

When a friend told me that he was planning a kayak trip to Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro, I was instantly all fired … continue reading


The journey is the goal

Damp sand crunches underneath my running shoes, water snakes its way elegantly through a sea of rocks and the first … continue reading


On Ecuador's most beautiful summits

The little Andean state of Ecuador in South America offers a broad range of possibilities for ambitious alpinists, from … continue reading


Climbing the Stuibenfall via Ferrata

Need to cool off? Well, maybe it’s not really been necessary so far this summer but as soon as the sun peeks out from … continue reading


A glimpse of sunshine in the grey spring skies - time to get out running

This morning was the first time in two weeks that the sun peeked out of the misty, rainy mess we’ve had to put up with … continue reading


Corsica - a jewel in the mediterranean

Spring is finally here, and with it the new kayaking season. It’s about time too – I’ve been down to the cellar several … continue reading