House Fever

House Fever

Apr 8, 2020

With the following routine you will not drop the blanket on your head!

8:00 - Coffee to go!


Start the day with a short wake-up routine around the block - with a warm coffee or tea in your hand (preferably without disposable plastic) any drowsiness will be „blown out of your bones“.

KOLE 0.5
Slim shape

8:30- Your Power Hour


Use 30 - 60 min to activate all senses after the morning walk, e.g. during yoga, pilates or stretching.

Made from recycled ocean plastic

12:30 - Oxygen push for lunch


Crank up the circulation and get your dose of fresh air for the afternoon in all weathers. Whether as a power walk during lunch break or by skipping rope on the balcony.

Mountain DNA Low W
Breathable, made of canvas and leather

18:00 - Romping around


Use the evening after work in a playful way: in the garden with the children or a ball sports unit with your partner.

Senegal Shorts W
Shorts for wild units

19:30 - Fun meal on the balcony


Move your dinner outside - barbecue, sandwich toaster, waffle iron, raclette - everything is possible outside!

The windproof lightweight jacket from Pack and Go! Quickly unpacked and a perfect companion on the go

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