Backpack with RECCO® reflector
The RECCO® reflector

The RECCO® reflector enables you to be located by professional rescuers.

The reflectors are lightweight passive transponders consisting of a diode and an antenna which require no power or activation to function. They are designed to last a lifetime and do not age or wear out. If they are not mechanically damaged, they will last forever.

RECCO® reflectors are integrated in a variety of products from over 150 brands. They are also available as single products to be attached to certain gear, like backpacks.

Rescue team on a mission with the RECCO® handheld detector
The RECCO® handheld detector

The handheld detector locates RECCO® reflectors within a range up to 80 metres through air and 20 metres through packed snow. On avalanche debris this translates into a practical range of 30 metres.

The RECCO® detectors are used worldwide by professional rescue teams as an additional search method during avalanche rescues.