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  • Is it safe to buy Jack Wolfskin products on the Internet, and in particular from online auction sites?

In spite of our extensive efforts to combat brand piracy, Jack Wolfskin cannot completely prevent the appearance of counterfeit products. We therefore urge you to purchase Jack Wolfskin products exclusively from either our branded stores or from a specialist sports and outdoor activities retail partner.

The security of buying online, especially from online auction sites, depends on the respective affiliates. You should therefore ascertain the identity of the seller in advance and review their customer assessments, which are often available to read.

Jack Wolfskin regularly performs checks to see whether counterfeit Jack Wolfskin products are being sold on auction sites and online marketplaces. In the event of our rights being violated by suppliers of counterfeit items, we will take appropriate action. Due to the abundance of offers, it is not possible to completely prevent the unlawful distribution of counterfeit goods through various online channels.