We have to view the use of an identical pawprint symbol as serious. For pawprints that are just similar, the following categorisations must be made:

  • Private use: This generally does not pose any problems.
  • Non-commercial use (e.g. by charities): In many cases, we have no objections to such usage. Depending on the extent and distribution of this usage, we would welcome prior notification in order to preclude any misunderstanding and avoid future conflicts.
  • Commercial use: In general, commercial use is seen as serious. The extent to which this is in conflict with our trademark rights can only be determined by asking the following questions for each individual case:
    • How similar is the pawprint symbol used?
    • How similar is the product or service to the products and services offered or sold by Jack Wolfskin?
    • Is the perception of our pawprint exploited or affected in any way?
    • How professional/commercial is the use of the pawprint?

If you want to know the extent to which the use of a logo is serious or not, please contact us at any time on the following email address: info@jack-wolfskin.com