Our clothes and all items of equipment are entirely PFC-free.

Our range of clothing as well as all packs and bags have been entirely PFC-free, i.e. manufactured without the use of perfluorocarbons, since the Spring/Summer Collection 2019. Since Spring/Summer 2020 our entire equipment range has been completely PFC-free, including all accessories such as toiletry bags and wallets, as well as all tents.

Outer fabric coatings using PFCs do bring lots of advantages in terms of weatherproofness, as they make the material durable, and water, dirt and oil simply drip off. They are, however, also toxic and only degrade to a minimal extent naturally, if at all. As a result, they cause harm to the environment and can also end up in our bodies through the food, water and air that we ingest and inhale, ultimately damaging our health. This goes against our standards for sustainability.

That’s why we abolished the use of the critical PFC substance, PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), from our manufacturing process back in 2009. Since 2012, we have worked intensively to ensure the complete conversion to 0% PFC in our waterproof jackets and trousers. This has been a great success: our innovative, alternative coating is just as water-repellent and resistant as the previous version containing PFCs – but verifiably without the use of questionable substances.

For more information about our PFC-free products, please visit Information on PFC