Highest quality and correct care

Our products stand the test of time – high quality that benefits the environment.

A crucial part of our sustainability concept is the manufacturing of all-round high-quality products which are extremely durable. The longer that our pieces retain their functionality and can be worn, the better they are for the environment. The energy and use of raw materials for their production become more efficient the longer the life cycle of the product.

With the correct care, the lifespan and retention of the functional properties featured in our apparel can be extended even further. Comprehensive information and material on the correct handling of our products can be found by lovers of the outdoors on our website. What’s more, we also offer the optimal, environmentally friendly care products and waterproofing products, which are all bluesign® certified, PFC-free and free from harmful pollutants. A waterproofing service and repair service complete our range of care offerings.