We are jack wolfskin, we are...

A woman sits by the lake
Two men standing on a rock

Essential to outdoor

We are driven to extend and deepen outdoor experiences.

A man pitching a tent
A woman with a daypack hiking
Two people are in nature

Shared wanderlust

We encourage people to embrace the unknown.

Smiling man by the lake
Mountain scenery with two hikers

Advocacy and action

We take a stand and commit.

Woman doing up her shoe
A man taking his mobile out of his jacket

Design and technology

As an outdoor brand, we place the highest demands on design and technology and will keep developing progressive innovations and integrate them into our products.

Bottle being filled up
A man and woman are in nature
A woman putting some herbs into a man’s cup

Transcendent experiences

We celebrate and share knowledge and harmony.

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We are marked by the wilderness – and have been for more than 40 years. Learn more about our history and discover the stories that have shaped the brand you know and love today.

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