We are Jack Wolfskin, we are...

... adventurers, fans of the outdoors, explorers and nature lovers. We Live to Discover. We’d like to share our passion with you.

A woman carrying a mountain bike
Essential to outdoor

We represent the outdoors and are inextricably linked to outdoor experiences. The search for profound transformative experiences in nature drives us.

Three hikers in a wood
Shared wanderlust

Our community is driven by collective wanderlust. We encourage people to welcome the unknown with openness and curiosity.

A man looking down into the valley through binoculars
Advocacy & action

We stand up for our values and act accordingly.

Hiking boot in a wood covered in moss
Design & technology

As an outdoor brand, we place the highest demands on design and technology and will keep developing advanced innovations and integrate them into our products.

Woman standing on a rock in front of a lake
Transcendent experiences

We would like to create transcendent experiences and encourage a slower pace of life. That is the reason why we share our knowledge and spread harmony.

Four hikers walking over a wooden bridge


We are marked by the wilderness – and have been for more than 40 years. Learn more about our history and discover the stories that have shaped the brand you know and love today.

Our stories