We are Jack Wolfskin, we are...

... adventurers, fans of the outdoors, explorers and nature lovers. We Live to Discover. We’d like to share our passion with you.

Couple in autumn outdoor clothing in a mountainous area
Essential to outdoor

We represent the outdoors and are inextricably linked to outdoor experiences. The search for profound transformative experiences in nature drives us.

Three people laughing while taking a selfie
Shared wanderlust

Our community is driven by collective wanderlust. We encourage people to welcome the unknown with openness and curiosity.

Couple in summery hiking outfits at sunset
Advocacy & action

We stand up for our values and act accordingly.

Woman in a pastel-coloured hiking outfit looking sideways
Design & technology

As an outdoor brand, we place the highest demands on design and technology and will keep developing advanced innovations and integrate them into our products.

Man standing in outdoor clothing with a foggy, mountainous landscape
Transcendent experiences

We would like to create transcendent experiences and encourage a slower pace of life. That is the reason why we share our knowledge and spread harmony.