High Quality Down

Aug 6, 2021

High Quality Down

Down is still the epitome of the warmth/weight ratio. No other material is as ** warm**, yet so ** lightweight** and packs away small.

The degree of heat retention from mixed down depends on the percentage of down used (percentage of down/smallest feathers) and fill power (CUIN, "cubic inch per ounce" ). The greater the percentage of down to small feathers, the warmer the product. The degree of warmth also increases with higher loft.

We use the ratios 80/20 with 550 CUIN and 90/10 with 700-800 CUIN.

JACK WOLFSKIN only uses geese and duck down from an RDS-certified (Responsible Down Standard) manufacturer. Regular and independent inspections guarantee that the down has been obtained from responsible sources (not live-plucked nor from forced-fed animals). Down is a by-product of the meat industry.