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Justin, photographed from behind, on a mountain road
Photo of Justin

Justin Schümann

Content Producer GERMANY flag

I’m Justin and just love taking photos when away on trips. Besides my duties as a CEO, I and my team are responsible for planning and organising large videos productions. Through my past diverse travels, I have already been able to photograph many countries. I am really looking forward to this upcoming trip, as my passion for photography can now become a part my professional life.

Justin by the coast, standing in front of a village
Justin in the forest
Justin by the coast

About me

What kind of adventurer are you?
I am very curious and love travelling, where you dive deep into the culture of the country and explore new things every day.
What do you expect from the trip?
Getting to know foreign cultures while bonding closely with fellow travellers.
What are you looking forward to?
Taking part in the conversations in the evening and the shared experiences of the group.
What do you have respect for?
Being completely shut off from the outside world for a long time. However, at the same time, this can also make our adventure together more exciting.
How will you cope with difficult situations?
For me, there are no problems, only solutions. Basically, I have a very calm and relaxed character and will always keep cool in difficult situations.
What role will you play in the #GOBACKPACK team?
In addition to the role as photographer, I will lead the planning of content production on site.