Top tips on looking after footwear

Choosing the right care products for your shoes/boots not only gets them back into shape again but also extends their service life.

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Keeps leather supple

Our FOOTWEAR BEESWAX was made especially to treat leather shoes, thus reliably cleaning the materials and keeping out the wet.

Only apply to clean and dry shoes. Rub into the leather surface sparingly. Apply a second coat for an even better result – leave to soak in between coats – then polish. Remove any surplus beeswax from the sole and stitching and let the footwear dry overnight. Leather may darken over time.

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Cleans and waterproofs in one go

Our FOOTWEAR PROOFER spray is ideal for all shoe/boot types. It stops water from seeping in, prevents the leather from drying out and lets functional materials continue to breathe.

Apply to clean shoes. Shake the bottle well and spray onto the surface of the shoe/boot from a distance of 15 cm. Remove any excess from the sole and stitching. Let shoes dry completely before wearing them again.