Real Tunnel

Tunnel tent technology

Real Tunnel (RT) is our patented technology for dome tents and has received several awards. The Real Tunnel technology has significantly improved dome tents. By changing the poles and how they are set up, we have managed to achieve a higher degree of stability in strong winds and a significantly better use of space. Plus fewer guy ropes are required as a result of the increased ground stability. Moreover, less ground space is needed because hardly any guy ropes are needed.

The ground pole is steeper at the side of the tent and flatter at the top than is normally the case with dome tents. Consequently, there is more room in the tent, especially in the lower part. Furthermore, the specific parts of the poles have various diameters (Combination Poles), Meaning that the tent is sturdier at the sides and more flexible in the roof area. Triangular bracing points at the foot of the pole ensure a higher degree of ground stability. So-called CORNER EDGES (short, vertical rods in the corners of the tent) increase the room available in the porch area, since the approx. 30 cm long built-in rods keep the corners of the tent wall vertical. This means that the inside of the tent can be used right up to the corner edges.

Real Tunnel illustration

The advantages at a glance:

1. Stability in high winds: Tests in the wind tunnel show that Real Tunnel tents have a higher degree of stability in crosswinds. They only tilt slightly, even in wind strengths of 80 km/h.

2. Use of space: The tent’s entire floor area can be used thanks to the curvature of the poles and CORNER EDGES.

3. No need for guy ropes: Guy ropes are only needed in exceptional cases due to the high degree of basic tension, meaning that the area required to pitch the tent is smaller, thereby saving space.