Our duty

We learnt from our mistakes with regard to DaWanda and established a Code of Conduct in 2010 that sets out how we are to proceed if we discover evidence of trademark infringements on our pawprint.

If you wish to know the extent to which the use of a logo is serious or not, please contact us at any time on the following email address: info@jack-wolfskin.com

This Code of Conduct is divided into four stages:

Where we don’t take any action

Use of similar pawprint symbols outside the scope of the goods and services registered to our company (e.g. DVDs, books, animal food, etc.), provided there is no simultaneous link to the “outdoor sports” topic or to our company.

Where we regularly offer solutions

  • Use of similar pawprints by small businesses by fans of arts and crafts
  • Use of similar pawprints by animal welfare and/or environmental organisations
  • Use of similar pawprints by artists

Where it gets serious

  • Use of pawprint symbols for commercial purposes
  • Use of pawprint symbols by international organisations with commercial interests

When categorising serious cases, the following questions must always be answered for each individual instance:

  • How similar is the pawprint symbol used?
  • How similar is the product or service to the products and services offered or sold by Jack Wolfskin?
  • Is the perception of our pawprint exploited or affected in any way?
  • How professional/commercial is the use of the pawprint?

What we cannot tolerate

Despite this, there will always be cases where we cannot tolerate the use of our brand. Such cases could include:

  • Businesses that pursue the same commercial aims as the product areas registered to our company – which run the risk of diluting our brand and losing our trademark rights
  • Production and sale of counterfeit products (consumer protection)
  • Creation of criminal online shops (consumer protection)