The Famous Five

In early 2013, there were reports that Jack Wolfskin had sent a cease and desist letter regarding the film “Famous Five”. This was not a dispute with copyright holders or the holders of other rights regarding the Famous Five stories, but a dispute with the film distribution company Alias Entertainment GmbH. continue reading


Customers regularly ask whether Jack Wolfskin copied the pawprint from the German daily newspaper taz. The fact that this is not the case is illustrated by the fact that the Jack Wolfskin pawprint and the taz pawprint are based on two independent designs as well as by the fact that they are legally intended for use in two completely different product areas: continue reading


The topic of hand-crafted products using the pawprint logo arose for the first time in conjunction with the website. While there had previously been a clear distinction for Jack Wolfskin when it came to the pawprint logo being employed for commercial use on products in our registered product segments, the DaWanda case quickly showed that this regulation could not apply to the same degree for arts and crafts enthusiasts or small business owners. continue reading

Bear Community

There is also the misunderstanding with regard to the so-called Bear Community and the related website that Jack Wolfskin took a disproportionately aggressive stance vis-à-vis the use of the pawprint symbol. continue reading