Grüner Knopf (Green Button)

Aug 6, 2021

Grüner Knopf (Green Button)


"Grüner Knopf"

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The Green Button is a government-run* certification label for sustainably manufactured textiles. It provides guidance for consumers when shopping. The Green Button sets out mandatory requirements to protect people and the environment in the textile production process. A total of 46 stringent social and environmental criteria must be met – ranging from wastewater to forced labour.

What is special about the Green Button is that the company as a whole is also audited, not just the product. This makes it the first government-run certification label to systematically audit companies for compliance with human rights and environmental due diligence in their supply chains.

The government defines the criteria and conditions for the Green Button, creating clarity and trust. Independent auditors review compliance with the criteria.

* Government seal of the Federal Republic of Germany