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Trekking & Hiking Shoes

Out and about with my shoes – what do I need to consider?

Perspiration is a big problem when you are on a long trip. A leather lining is able to absorb large quantities of moisture, only releasing it gradually. Modern synthetic fibres and sole linings wick moisture away from the feet. As such, all footwear, whether it is lined with leather or synthetic fibres, must be well-aired every night so that any moisture can evaporate. Leave the shoes open, remove the insole and air it separately.

To protect against water penetrating the material, the shoes should be well waterproofed before you set off. Shoes without a weatherproof membrane can also get completely soaked from time to time. In such cases, the tried-and-tested method of stuffing the shoes with scrunched-up newspaper can work wonders. It is important to re-waterproof the shoes as soon as they are completely dry.

Do not dry shoes by a campfire or stove flame because the heat may affect the material.


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