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We believe in a better future. For you, for your children, for everyone! Together we can clean the oceans and turn waste into something new: We teamed up with SEAQUAL and created shirts in trendy colours made from plastic from the oceans.

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The SEAQUAL Initiative challenges plastic pollution and helps to clean our oceans of Marine Litter, helping society move towards a circular economy. The SEAQUAL Initiative is a unique collaborative model involving NGOs, Fishermen, Researchers, Scientists, Authorities and Private Stakeholders to clean the Ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, beaches and coastlines.

Every year 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean polluting and depleting our most important shared natural resource.

Together with a network of fishermen SEAQUAL collects the trash from our oceans and transforms the plastic found in their fishing nets into high value materials.

First it is transformed from waste to plastic flakes, to pellets...

... to yarn and finally into recycled textiles.

For every kilo of fibre produced, SEAQUAL™ also removes one kilo of garbage from the depths of the sea.

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Ever since JACK WOLFSKIN was founded, sustainability has been a vital part of the company’s DNA. To us, “at home outdoors” signifies not only enjoying our world in the outdoors – but, more importantly, do everything in our power to protect and preserve it.

The perfect summer shirt

Comfortable for you and good for the environment! The SEAQUAL™ fibre is extremely lightweight and smooth. To give you the best possible wearing comfort, we also added organic cotton to the shirts.

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It’s time to wake up and treat our planet with much more responsibility.

Always recycle plastic waste.

Take your rubbish with you and leave the outdoors clean.

Stay away from unnecessary packaging such as that daily coffee-to-go cup and invest in reusable products.

Micro plastic can be avoided by using biodegradable shampoo and detergent.

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Portable and resuable rubbish bag

To the product

Reusable bottles for quenching your thirst when out and about

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Proactively taking responsibility for social issues is a part of our corporate identity and culture

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