Our #GOBACKPACK van is back on its travels! This time round, our selection of heroes will be at the wheel. They are all different and unique in their own way, yet they all have one thing in common: they have overcome their own personal challenges. What is the next challenge on your list? Let yourself be inspired by their courage and enjoy time out in natural surroundings!
Escalante River in Utah (USA)


Elise Sterck

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The North American outdoor expert and photographer Elise sets off with Ryan in her van to go on a challenging packrafting trip on the Escalante River in Utah.

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The Duc Ngo

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This chef and restaurant owner The Duc Ngo is on the way to an organic farm in Brandenburg, where he harvests fresh vegetables and conjures up a very special dish. This time it won’t be in a perfectly equipped restaurant kitchen, but rather in our van in the open air – outdoor cooking meets haute cuisine.

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Segeberger Forst


Tom Gregory

Tom Gregory banner

How to prepare water for drinking, start a fire or call for rescue: The British musician Tom didn’t have a clue. And he still doesn’t ... yet. Our survival coach Ralf will teach him what he needs to know, plus a lot more besides.

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Challenge: BEACH, WIND & WAVES

Hannah Nele

Challenge: BEACH, WIND & WAVES banner

Last year was one full of challenges, especially for mental health. Discover how “Fridays for future” supporter, Hannah, got through it and what helped her!

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Franconian Switzerland

Challenge: THE ROCK

Tom & Gürel

Challenge: THE ROCK banner

Is climbing with just one leg impossible? Not for Tom! He lost a leg due to cancer when still a child. This hasn’t stopped him from pursuing activities. On the contrary: alongside Gürel, who is a passionate hiker but not a climber, they both confront the challenges head-on in Franconian Switzerland.

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Our adventure looks

It only takes your own will to overcome your own personal challenge or motivation to take on your next adventure! Indeed, we will provide the equipment to accompany you on all your outdoor experiences.

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How to convert a van

We’ll show you step-by-step how you can make your dream come true in a camper van. How do I find the right vehicle? How do I go about planning the interior? How do I install the solar and electrical equipment? These and other questions are explained in the DIY videos!

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What you need to know about buying a camper van. Checklist.

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Buying and repairing a camper van: tips from the workshop

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A guide on converting a van

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Insulating and lagging the converted van

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How to: electrical work in the van

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Van life – sustainable and independent trips on the road: installing solar panels

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Sleeping in the van – converting the van

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DIY kitchenette for your van

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DIY decorative tips for your van

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Van Room tour

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