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Following Microsoft’s announcement to reduce support for Internet Explorer 11 even further, along with their recommendation to switch to Microsoft Edge, we, too, have now decided not to support this browser any longer. This was a conscious decision, on the one hand in order to protect you and your data, and on the other to ensure that we can implement new technologies that Internet Explorer 11 does not support.
Size Advice

How do I measure myself correctly?

To ensure the most accurate result, please take all measurements close to the body.

Height in cm
Measure your height barefoot from your crown to the soles of your feet. Doing this against a doorframe works the best.

Chest in cm
Measure horizontally around the body at the widest point of the chest.

Waist circumference in cm
The waist is measured at the smallest point of the torso.

Hip circumference in cm
Guide the measuring tape horizontally around the largest part of the bottom.

Inside leg length in cm
The verticle distance between the top of the inside leg and the floor.
Tip: clamp a large book between the legs, as high as possible, so that the top edge is horizontal to the floor, whilst a second person measures the distance between the floor and the upper edge of the book.

Arm length in cm
The arm length is measured from the sleeve head, along the outer edge of the elbow and down to the wrist. The elbow should be slightly angled.


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