JACK WOLFSKIN launches new outdoor adventure #GOBACKPACK VANLIFE

JACK WOLFSKIN launches new outdoor adventure #GOBACKPACK VANLIFE

Jul 21, 2020


This year, JACK WOLFSKIN continues its popular GOBACKPACK campaign, taking into consideration the presently quite limited travel options by focusing on van travel. Partnering with influencer Anna Heupel (Instagram: @annanassaft und @annaheupel) and her team, JACK WOLFSKIN converts a decommissioned fire engine into a travel van. The conversion and thus the campaign follow strict criteria of sustainability. The campaign objective is to inspire the #GOBACKPACK community to embark on their own travel adventures.

The manner in which we travel will change for the unforeseeable future. However, for JACK WOLFSKIN this certainly does not imply that travelling will be any less exciting or fascinating. Particularly travelling by van offers plenty opportunity to discover domestic destinations and explore new places independently, even on a small budget. This trend is more popular than ever, especially on social media. JACK WOLFSKIN embraces this exciting concept and this year once more activates its #GOBACKPACK community with this adventurous van journey.

In ten video episodes, the community may learn tips and tricks on purchasing, converting and decorating a camper van. The episodes comprehensively yet easily illustrate, how such a conversion may be accomplished successfully. As is customary at JACK WOLFSKIN, the conversion focuses on sustainability. Anna Heupel and her team therefore not only pay attention to the quantity and type of materials used, they also provide valuable upcycling ideas and instructions. Following the conversion, the community is invited to participate in a raffle, offering participants the chance to win a 10-day maiden trip in the newly converted van.

Since July 2nd, episodes are posted every Thursday on JACK WOLFSKIN's YouTube channel. The van conversion may also be followed on Instagram. Those interested can already view the first two videos here.

All further details on the campaign press here.


JACK WOLFSKIN has hit a nerve with its digital "#GOBACKPACK" campaign, which was launched in 2017 through the successful Payback Flag campaign. Right from the campaign's start, countless backpackers have flaunted the "#GOBACKPACK" flag on their trips around the world. The hashtag #GOBACKPACK has been used in excess of 27,000 instances. In 2019, JACK WOLFSKIN took #GOBACKPACK to a Swedish island, there setting up a unique camp. JACK WOLFSKIN built the complete infrastructure and created a one-of-a-kind program comprising outdoor activities as well as workshops, exclusive music acts and influencers from the outdoor and travel sector. Also present in the camp was aforementioned Anna Heupel, as a photographer and travel blogger, she has been part of the JACK WOLFSKIN family for the past two years. Along with her boyfriend, she has gained substantial and valuable experience living the vanlife.

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