Give the gift of being at home outdoors!
Give the "At home outdoors" feeling and make outdoor dreams com true: with the practical gift voucher from Jack Wolfksin.
Our gift voucher can be purchased and redeemed at all participating JACK WOLFSKIN STORES in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in the online shops for Germany and Austria. Redemptions are only possible in the same country of purchasing.

You can find your next official Jack Wolfskin store in Germany, Austria or Switzerland here.
Currently you can neither purchase nor redeem a gift card at the Jack Wolfskin Online-Shop Switzerland and Outlet Switzerland.

You can find the German, Austrian and Swiss terms of use for our gift vouchers here.
Order a gift voucher now
  How to use your gift voucher:  
Select the “gift voucher” payment option at the checkout
Scratch off the grey area on the back of the card
Enter the number from the back of the gift voucher into the box marked “Enter card number”
Enter the four-digit code from under the scratch-off panel in the “Enter PIN” box
Click on “redeem”. Your gift voucher will only be debited once the purchase has been completed.
What happens to the remaining balance?
The remaining balance on the card will be saved and can be used for your next purchase.
What if the amount to pay is more than the balance on my voucher?
In this case you will be asked to pay for the remaining amount using another payment method.
What happens if I return items that I paid for using the gift voucher?
If you send an item back paid for either completely or in part with a gift voucher, please provide your full bank details using our contact form.
  Check your balance  
Select the “gift voucher” payment option at the checkout
Click on “Check gift voucher”
The balance on your gift voucher is shown