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Thermal Mats

Can I repair my leaking thermal mat?

The repair kit included makes it very easy to repair your thermal mat:

1. Finding a leak:
If you suspect you have a leak in your mat, you can locate this by firstly inflating the mat and then placing it in water. Air bubbles will escape from the damaged area, helping you to locate the leak. Mark the area, dry the mat and then deflate as described.

2. Repairing holes:
Repairing holes requires a process similar to that of repairing bicycle tubes. For small punctures, place one to two drops of glue onto the site of the leak. Let this dry for at least 60 minutes before using the mat.
For larger leaks, apply the adhesive thinly in a circular motion to the surface, firstly making sure that it is dry, clean and potentially roughened slightly if necessary. Spread an additional thin layer of glue onto the back of the patch. Do not touch the wet glue.

3. After using the glue:
When the glue has dried (after approx. 2 to 3 minutes), place the patch on the mat and press down, stroking gently from the centre outwards. Smooth out any bubbles and creases! Afterwards, press down firmly and leave to dry for at least 60 minutes (should the tears exceed 1 cm in length, 120 minutes) or ideally 24 hours. In damp conditions or when temperatures are lower than 5 °C, drying times increase by around 50%.

Defective valve:
If the valve is defective, then it can be replaced. Twist and pull the valve with a pair of pliers to remove it. Apply instant adhesive to the lower part of the valve and slide it into the valve opening using pliers. Please ensure that the adhesive does not block the valve opening.


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