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Washing a softshell jacket: maintaining the jacket’s performance

Softshell jackets boast personal comfort in different climes and freedom of movement. It also provides perfect protection in 90 per cent of all weather situations. We recommend washing and waterproofing your softshell jacket regularly, so that it serves you well for a long time.

  • Generally speaking, a softshell should be washed frequently. This is especially the case with softshell jackets featuring a membrane like our Stormlock softshell. If your softshell is subject to intensive use, you may find that the membrane becomes clogged up over time by such things as:

    • sweat
    • suntan lotion
    • make-up

    Ultimately, how often you wear your softshell dictates how often you should wash it. If you wear it on longer trips or excursions, it is a wise to wash it on a regular basis.

    As a rule of thumb: if the cuffs on the sleeves or the collar appear soiled, then it is time to put the item into the washing machine. If, on the other hand, it is only a matter of a few spots or splashes – then leave it for a couple more rounds in the countryside.

  • The answer is a definite no – avoid fabric softener at all costs. How come? Fabric softener penetrates the material’s pores and clogs them up and forms a thin film on the surface, meaning that your jacket loses its breathability.

  • In essence, liquid detergents are more suitable than powder, as the latter can clog up the membrane. It is best to choose a detergent for delicates or one that is geared towards outdoor functional clothing, including certified products as care products for your softshell.

    How to wash a softshell correctly:

    • Please read the instructions on the care label.
    • Pretreat any major soiled areas or greasy cuffs and collars. Use a soft sponge, warm water and a delicate detergent, and rub on the soiled areas. Let the detergent work for a while and then rinse thoroughly.
    • Fasten all zips and Velcro fastenings
    • Put the softshell into the washing machine.
    • Select the correct temperature – 30 or 40 degrees (see care label) and the programme for delicates, wool or hand-wash.
    • Fill the washing machine to no more than two-thirds of maximum capacity, in order to ensure that the garment is rinsed thoroughly.
    • Spin the jacket at less than 800 revs per minute.
  • You are out in a downpour and the rain simply beads up and rolls off your jacket – great, that means that the jacket is in perfect condition. If this repellent effect wanes, then it is time to reproof your softshell. Sprays with an optimal composition or appropriate waterproofing products are recommended. Top-quality clothing that is well looked after is not only more comfortable to wear on your outdoor adventure, it is also safer, and ... you’ll have more fun.

    How to best clean and waterproof all waterproof functional materials – odourless, free from residue and environmentally friendly.

    1. Waterproofing: Put the liquid into the detergent drawer of your machine. Make sure that the clothing inside can move about freely. Set the machine programme to wash and rinse (temperature: at least 30 °C).
    2. Drying: The waterproofing effect is activated by heat, meaning that the items must either be dried in a dryer on with medium heat for 50 minutes (in accordance with the washing label instructions) or dried by using an iron, in order to achieve the best possible result.

    Ideal products:

    Apparel Clean & Proof 300
    Apparel Proofer Wash In

Have you still not found your ideal softshell for all-round weather protection and a high degree of personal comfort?

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