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How should I pack my tent?

If your tent does not have CORNER EDGES, you can pack it how you like. The inner and outer tent should be packed as compactly as possible in the pack sack and the tent poles should be transported separately, e.g. bound to the outside of the pack. If you want to pack the whole tent away neatly in its pack sack, spread the tent out and arrange so that only the groundsheet is in contact with the ground. Fold the tent into three widthways and roll the tent up lengthways. It’s easiest to place the poles in their bag and roll the tent up tightly around the pole bag towards the entrance to expel the air. Slip the pack sack over the rolled-up tent and place the peg bag in on top. The tent can be stored for a long period when rolled up in this way. However, please ensure that it is totally dry. If you want to be on the safe side, store your tent loosely packed in a large, air-permeable bag (e.g. laundry bag).
Packing a tent up wet when on a trip is not normally a problem (apart from it being heavier) as it is going to be pitched again the following night and will then have time to dry.

Packing REAL TUNNEL tents:

If you have a REAL TUNEL tent, pack it so that the CORNER EDGES (marked in red) lie at right angles to the direction in which the tent is rolled up:

  1. Fold in the vestibules.
  2. Next, fold it lengthways...
  3. ... and then into three widthways. Finally, roll the tent up around the pole bag.

Packing large REAL TUNNEL tents (for four or more people): (4 person and above):

Due to its size and the CORNER EDGES, the tent should be rolled up as follows:

  1. Lay the tent on its side.
  2. Fold it into three from the top.
  3. Fold in the vestibule sections.
  4. Then fold the tent lengthways into six.
  5. Finally, roll the tent up around the pole bag.


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