Sleeping Bags & Mats

How do I clean and care for Jack Wolfskin sleeping bags?

Out and about
A cotton or silk liner will delay washing the entire sleeping bag, as it protects the inside of the bag from dirt, is easy to care for and can be washed quickly when you’re out and about.
We recommend that you turn your sleeping bag inside out after each night’s use and air it thoroughly. Don’t stuff it into its sack directly after airing. This will help the sleeping bag retain its loft until the evening, increasing the comfort.If you’re continuing your journey, do not leave a damp sleeping bag in its stuff sack for more than a day.

To store the sleeping bag over an extended period, store loosely in a dry room or draped over a coat hanger. A large, air-permeable bag can also be used for storage.
The pack sack is only for short-term transportation!

Small surface stains can be wiped away using a damp cloth. After 40–50 nights (longer if using a liner), the entire sleeping bag should be cleaned. Washing the sleeping bag yourself is significantly faster, cheaper and safer than taking it to a cleaner’s.
To preserve the loft of the insulating filling, a specialised detergent such as our UNIVERSAL CLEANER PLUS(for synthetic fibre sleeping bags) or UNIVERSAL DOWN CLEANER (for down sleeping bags) should be used instead of a conventional liquid or wool wash detergent.

Hand-wash: soak the sleeping bag in a basin containing lukewarm water and UNIVERSAL CLEANER PLUS. If the bag is heavily soiled, repeat the process with fresh water and detergent. Rinse the bag thoroughly in lukewarm water. You should avoid wringing or scrubbing the bag. Instead, gently squeeze excess water out!

Machine wash: the machine must have a drum large enough to accommodate the sleeping bag without compressing it. Wash at 30 °C on a delicates or wool cycle. Ensure that the sleeping bag is thoroughly rinsed after two or three cycles and use a short, slow spin cycle.\The care instructions for apparel, footwear and equipment can be downloaded as a practical leaflet here.

Lift the sleeping bag carefully out of the basin/machine: it will be many times its own weight when damp and there is therefore a danger of tearing the stitching. The sleeping bag should therefore be dried flat instead of being hung up. Sleeping bags need approx. two or three days to dry. When drying a down sleeping bag, please remember to shake it to restore the distribution of the down!
A tumble dryer can also be used at a low temperature if the drum has a capacity of at least 180 litres.


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