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Down Clothing

How do I dry my down apparel?

Lift the down product out of the washing machine carefully. It will weigh much more when wet than its actual weight. This may cause the seams to tear.

Drying in a tumble dryer:
Drying in a tumble dryer takes 2 to 4 hours. The down product must fit into the drum without squashing, the capacity of the dryer should also be at least 7 kg. Set the dryer to medium heat (gentle setting), at max. 40 ° C. Do not use a program for washing cotton. Placing 3 or 4 clean tennis balls in the dryer when drying has the same effect as shaking your product out rigorously when drying in fresh air. The down product is only dry when no more clumps or lumps can be felt.

Air drying:
The product should be laid out flat to dry rather than being hung up (otherwise seams could tear)! Down clumps together when wet. This means that it should be squeezed out hourly at first during the drying process (which can take up to three days depending on the temperature and filling weight) and then shaken out two to three times daily in order to redistribute the down evenly within the chambers. The down product is only dry when no more clumps or lumps can be felt.


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