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Packs & Bags

What do I do if my pack becomes damaged whilst I am travelling?

Be careful with buckles, as stepping on them, getting them caught on or trapped in things, such as a car boot, can lead to invisible weak points. If you are using your rucksack for a prolonged period of time, take replacement buckles with you that can be attached to the straps without the need for sewing.

You can seal any tears in the pack sacks by using fabric tape.
You can use a pair of pliers to lightly pinch the slider so that the zip fastens again reliably.

It goes without saying that you do not want to be weighed down with any unnecessary items when on a big adventure. Please do not dispose of your product. Please understand that we can only process a complaint if we receive the respective product to review.

If you purchased the article from a retailer or in-store, then you should proceed as explained here.


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